BMW's 7 Series lets you park by remote control

If you're looking at a BMW's deluxe 7 Series, the 2016 model will awe your yacht club pals with some Bond-worthy gadgets. The remote control parking appears to be a first for a production vehicle, even though we've seen it demo'd by Volvo, Audi and BMW before. When you use the touchscreen-equipped BMW Display Key, it'll squeeze itself into (and out of) a parking space in a fully automatic process. Self-parking is already available on BMW's i3 electric vehicle and many others, but the 7 Series is the first to let you park when you're not even in the driver's seat.

Another much talked about, but so far un-buyable feature is gesture control. BMW's 7 series will let you wave your hands around to accept or reject phone calls and control media volume, to name a couple of features. Along with a touchscreen, the system will take single finger, two finger and full hand movements, and BMW says you'll be able to create custom gestures for various functions. To top it off, the new vehicles will get driving assistant systems including steering and directional control assistance, lane departure warnings and cross traffic warnings.

The vehicle's body will use copious carbon fiber for 130 kg (280 pounds) less curb weight, and sport highly tunable drive dynamics thanks to an air suspension. There's no word on pricing yet, and tsk, tsk for even asking -- but the 2015 models start at $68,500 and run all the way up to $130,000.