Make sense of your Instagram followers with SocialRank

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Use a social network like Instagram long enough and you'll inevitably amass a slew of followers -- but what do you actually know about them? If you're relying on mere follower counts, probably not much. That's something the social media analytics company SocialRank is hoping to solve. Following the launch of a free Twitter analytics tool a year ago, the company is today setting its sights on Instagram. After logging in with your Instagram account, SocialRank builds a custom report that lets you do things like sort your followers based on how socially engaged they are, or search their profiles for specific keywords. Not everyone needs to see a statistical breakdown of their followers, but if you're a struggling artist trying to connect with people in your industry, or a parent wondering who exactly is interacting with your kid, SocialRank's tools could be supremely useful.

Alex Taub, the company's co-founder, says it eventually plans to be the place to manage all of your social media followers. Simply making follower data easily available to people could lead to some interesting uses. Taub says the Red Cross, for example, has used SocialRank to corral people through Twitter to nearby blood drives. There are, of course, plenty of complex social media analytics tools aimed at businesses, but SocialRank's simplicity could make it more appealing to normal folks.

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