Apple Watch app roundup: It's all on the wrist

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Apple Watch app roundup: It's all on the wrist

It's Apple Watch day. And whether you received one already, or are stuck waiting a few weeks for it, you'll want apps to make the most out of your new wearable when the time comes. Thankfully, we here at Engadget are always thinking about you, the reader, so we've put together a list of third-party apps that stand out from the 3,000-plus expected to be available at launch. But first, let's talk about some essentials. The Twitter and Instagram Apple Watch apps, for starters, will let you check out tweets and view photos right on your wrist, among other things. Sports fans, meanwhile, have access to apps like ESPN, MLB At Bat and NBA Game Time, which makes it easy to keep up with scores without having to pull out your iPhone.

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  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Uber
  • ESPN
  • Pandora
  • Evernote
  • Nike+ Running
  • Foursquare
  • Delta Airlines
  • Yelp
  • Yahoo Weather
  • Amazon
  • Chipotle

The Apple Watch is going to play a big role for fitness buffs too, and there are a number of apps to choose from in that department: Misfit, Nike+ Running, Runtastic and RunKeeper, to mention a few. Travel often? Don't worry: Delta and American Airlines, two of the most popular airlines, both have apps. Of course, you may also want to kill time every now and then; for those cases, there are games such as Rules!, a tiny puzzle designed to give your brain a workout, and Pantagu, a novel, fast-paced take on the classic Tic-Tac-Toe. Oh, and then there's the Chipotle app. Because burritos.

We'll be updating the list below as more companies and services make their iOS apps friendly with the Apple Watch, so make sure to bookmark this page for future use.

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Chipotle -- App Store

Yelp -- App Store

Seamless -- App Store

OpenTable -- App Store

Green Kitchen -- App Store


Nike+ Running -- App Store

Runtastic -- App Store

RunKeeper -- App Store

Misfit -- App Store

Lifesum -- App Store

Strava -- App Store

Games and Miscellaneous

Rules! -- App Store

Pantagu -- App Store

Runeblade -- App Store

Mattel Magic 8 Ball -- App Store

justWink -- App Store

Sky Guide -- App Store

Honeywell Lyric -- App Store

AOL -- App Store

Yahoo Weather -- App Store

The Weather Channel -- App Store


Pandora -- App Store

iHeartRadio -- App Store

Shazam -- App Store

Djay 2 -- App Store

Musixmatch -- App Store

TuneIn Radio -- App Store

News and Sports

The New York Times -- App Store

CNN -- App Store

NPR One -- App Store

The Huffington Post -- App Store

ESPN -- App Store

NBA Game Time -- App Store

MLB At Bat -- App Store

theScore -- App Store


Evernote -- App Store

Adobe Creative Cloud -- App Store

Mint -- App Store

Gero Time Management Companion -- App Store

Merriam-Webster -- App Store

1Password -- App Store

Gneo -- App Store


Amazon -- App Store

eBay -- App Store

Target -- App Store

Etsy -- App Store

Fandango -- App Store

StubHub -- App Store

Social and Messaging

Instagram -- App Store

Twitter -- App Store

Foursquare -- App Store

Yo -- App Store

Pip -- App Store

Travel and Transportation

Uber -- App Store

BMW i Remote -- App Store

Citymapper -- App Store

Trip Advisor -- App Store

Expedia -- App Store

Hotwire -- App Store

Delta Airlines -- App Store

American Airlines -- App Store

British Airways -- App Store

SPG: Starwood Hotels -- App Store

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