Russian hackers scooped up the President's unclassified email

Anonymous in front of the White House

Russian hackers may have had more success in breaching the White House network than first thought. New York Times sources understand that intruders who got into the White House's unclassified system managed to collect some of President Obama's email. They didn't compromise the account itself, and they didn't snap up the classified messages passing through the President's BlackBerry. However, these messages likely included some "highly sensitive" material, like policy discussions, schedules and staff changes -- the data could have been abused in the worst circumstances.

Officially, the government isn't acknowledging the email invasion. It's reportedly trying to keep a lid on details to avoid letting the Russians know just what data escaped into the wild. However, the revelation shows just how much of a security issue the White House faces. Unless it can clamp down on vulnerabilities, it may have a hard time keeping the President's activities under wraps.