Only selfies can kill the bad guys in this game

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Mariella Moon
April 25th, 2015
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Only selfies can kill the bad guys in this game

Okay, "bad guys" is a bit of an exaggeration: The green boxes you have to kill in Selfie Assault don't really do anything but stay perfectly still. You'd have to eliminate them all to conquer the game, though -- as its tag line says: "Only cameras can see them. Only selfies can kill them. No filter. No mercy." In Selfie Assault, developed by mint for the Ludum Dare 32 game jam, you go around in a white room, finding enemy green boxes through a virtual phone screen. To make them go away, you'd have to take a selfie with them in the picture. The photo's angle and your position in the selfies don't matter, so you can think up of crazy poses and be creative.

It's not exactly a heart-thumping shooting game, but you have to give the devs props for both making fun of selfies and letting those fond of taking them practice while playing. As for those harmless "enemies," well, just imagine they're silently waiting for a chance to conquer the world if that makes you feel better.

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