Hillary Clinton wants all police to wear body cameras

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Hillary Clinton wants all police to wear body cameras

Police body cameras might just represent a big talking point in next year's US elections. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tells those at a policy forum that she wants "every department" to issue the wearables to their officers. While a White House taskforce has already recommended the technology, Clinton believes that the implementations should "go even further" in certain circumstances. As she argues, there's a pattern of cops abusing their power across the country -- body cameras should encourage accountability and transparency.

Whether or not that's true, it won't be surprising if other candidates come out in favor of the camera tech. Republican Senator Tim Scott (who isn't in the running) has also endorsed the idea of mandatory cameras, pointing to evidence that they lower both the number of complaints against officers and the uses of force to end tense situations. In short, this is a policy that makes sense to people across the political spectrum -- the big challenge may just be selling the idea to voters.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan]

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