Land Rover fails in its bid to block Chinese copycats

China is famous for many things, but a deeply-held respect for the concept of intellectual property isn't one of them. It's a problem that Land Rover has just run into head-first after its claims that the Land Wind X7 was a shameless copy of its Range Rover Evoque fell upon deaf ears. Autocar is reporting that, not only did authorities dismiss the complaint, but the Chinese company has been given permission to start manufacturing the vehicle.

The saga began at last November's Guangzhou Motor Show, where Land Wind showed off its SX7 for the first time. Unfortunately, executives at Land Rover were also at the show, and promptly lodged a complaint with regulators. Autocar goes on to say that the British car maker won't take this recent news sitting down, and will continue to look into other ways of preventing the X7 reaching the market.

[Image Credit: Autoblog]