Uber's about to get into the delivery business

Uber's already got a taxi and a courier business, so it makes perfect sense that it'd want to muscle in on UPS' turf. TechCrunch has uncovered documents revealing that the outfit is currently testing a system where high-end retailers can use Uber vehicles to make same-day deliveries to impatient customers. According to the site's sources, Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany's are all in discussions to sign up when the program launches. It looks as if the eventual goal is that all Uber drivers will be able to take both human passengers and commercial cargo, with all of the information routed through the same mobile app.

TechCrunch goes on to speculate that Uber could be aiming to create a rival to Amazon and eBay that leverages the fact that local stores have stock available on shelves. That way, prospective buyers can spot an item, order it and know that it'll be transported across town in an instant. It also seems that the company wants to place itself at the center of your world following the launch of UberEats -- not to mention the fact that Uber co-founder Garrett Camp is also developing a concierge shopping service called Operator on the side.