JXE Streams: Blasting robot dogs in 'Wolfenstein: The Old Blood'

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JXE Streams: Blasting robot dogs in 'Wolfenstein: The Old Blood'

One year ago, Machine Games did an unbelievable thing: it made Wolfenstein relevant again. id Software's 1992 original is still fondly remembered; it was, after all, the only game in town where you could eat a bowl of dog food before blowing up Robo Hitler. The series had grown stale over the decades, though, a relic rather than an enduring institution. Wolfenstein: The New Order was a monumentally impressive resurrection with solid action on PS4 and Xbox One alongside a surprisingly moving, if simple, story. Now Machine Games is back with Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and we're playing it for your viewing pleasure on today's stream.

Join us here in this post, at Engadget.com/gaming or over on Twitch.tv/Joystiq for a solid 90 minutes of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood starting at 3:30PM ET. What was old B.J. Blazkowicz getting up to before napping his way into the '60s? We'll find out together.

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[We're playing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood on PlayStation 4, streamed through an Elgato Capture HD via OBS at 720p.]

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