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Apple launches program for third-party Watch strap makers

There's already a number of Apple-made and third-party Watch bands out there, but Cupertino wants more -- and it wants products that follow its exact specifications. The company has launched a "Made for Apple Watch" program, which gives makers a list of design requirements to follow, similar to its "Made for iPhone" program for accessory creators. Apple's Watch straps are interchangeable, since they're attached to "lugs" that easily slide out from the watchface with the press of a button. The tech juggernaut will provide those lugs to the program's participants, though they can also create their own, so long as they use Apple-approved materials.

Creators have to make sure their straps fit well, since the watchface has to touch the skin for the (problematic) heart sensor to work. They also need to comply with environmental regulations where the smartwatches are sold and promise not to integrate magnetic chargers into their straps. Hopefully, the program grows to include other types of accessories, including those that take advantage of the device's hidden diagnostic port that can transmit data and power at faster rates. For now, you can read the company's full requirements on the program's website.