'Portal' turning into a game of hyperdimensional pinball

Developer Valve legendarily has a hard time counting to "3" but that doesn't mean getting your hands on some new Portal action is too far out of reach. It just might not be in a place you'd expect. The long-running Zen Pinball series is taking a Newell-blessed trip to the test chambers with the "Aperture Science Heuristic Portal Pinball Device" table. As you might expect, there are plenty of nods to the series, with GLaDOS passive aggressively taunting while Chell jumps through the eponymous ingresses and co-op robots ATLAS and P-Body handling multi-ball duties. It's $2.99 for consoles, Mac and PC and $1.99 on mobile come May 25th.

If you favor Lego bricks to steel balls there's a game for you too. As Eurogamer reports, Walmart accidentally listed a Portal expansion set for the upcoming Lego Dimensions over the weekend. None of this adds up to Portal 3 proper, sure, but it's a triumph in its own right nonetheless.