Facebook test allows users to curate their own News Feed

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Facebook test allows users to curate their own News Feed

Facebook is testing a revolutionary feature that gives you the power to choose which friends you'd like to see prominently displayed on your News Feed. As you likely know, the social network has a mind of its own, an algorithm that decides what you see based on your interactions. This test feature, which has recently started popping up for some mobile users as a prompt, promises to let you "See more of what you love," as shown below the fold. That prompt lists your friends and Pages you Liked -- posts of users you end up picking will override the algorithm and always appear on your feed. Like every other Facebook test feature, though, this might take years to assess and might never even make it to public release. So if you've ever shouted "Give me freedom from the oppressive News Feed algorithm!!!" then cross all your fingers and hope you're lucky enough to be one of the testers.

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