Xbox One rumor claims DVR is coming to replace Media Center

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Richard Lawler
May 7, 2015 5:43 AM
Xbox One rumor claims DVR is coming to replace Media Center

Even as Microsoft buries Windows Media Center, there's a rumor that it actually does have a plan for a replacement. According to Paul Thurrott's sources, the Xbox One will gain the ability to record live TV "probably this year." That's the kind of feature Microsoft originally envisioned for its all-in-on game console, but so far does not offer. The live TV tuner that's available in Europe and coming to North America offers some trick play pause/rewind support, but full DVR functionality would be a big shift. The PlayStation 4 has a DVR for subscribers of to the Vue TV service, but that's relatively expensive and only available in a few areas so far. Proper DVR support combined with that antenna (and hopefully, cable TV access for the people who haven't cut the cord yet), could provide a more flexible option. Of course, if anyone has the technology prepared to roll out it should be Microsoft, but we'll have to wait and see when/if it comes to fruition.

[Image credit: Stephen Brashear/Invision/AP]

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