BBC shuts down iPlayer service for subscribers outside the UK

The BBC has offered subscriptions to an international version of its iPlayer streaming service since 2011, but in the next month or so it will close its doors. In case you're wondering why you've never heard of the iPlayer Global service, that's because despite being offered in 16 countries (including Canada), the service never came to the US and stopped expanding back in 2013. Our best (legit) option for the public broadcaster's shows is still its cousin BBC America, which has closed the gap on airing new episodes of shows like Doctor Who from days to hours, and even has the occasional simulcast.

Now, with Top Gear up in the air and Luther in development for a US remake on Fox (plus companies like Hulu and Netflix snapping up the streaming rights to many UK series), a worldwide iPlayer product may not be as necessary as it seemed back then. Inside the UK, iPlayer will continue rolling -- with more unique content than ever -- and the BBC tells former Global subscribers it has plans for "new digital services across multiple devices." All auto renewing subscriptions will end between May 26th and June 26th, and downloaded episodes will stop working at the same time, so get that EastEnders binge done soon.