Firefox can finally stream Netflix videos without a plugin

Nicole Lee
N. Lee|05.12.15

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Due to ​Hollywood's insistence on DRM to stream its movies on Netflix, Firefox users who wanted to watch flicks on the service had to download the Silverlight plugin. That's because until now, Mozilla's staunch open-source philosophy prevented the browser from being loaded with the DRM tech -- dubbed the Adobe Content Decryption Module (CDM) -- necessary to stream those shows on regular ol' HTML 5 (Chrome and Safari, on the other hand, have no such scruples). Not so with the latest version of Firefox, however, which is ready to help you watch your favorite Netflix show just by itself, no plugin required. If you're strictly anti-DRM though, no worries; Mozilla is pushing a non-CDM version of the browser for your principled pleasure that only downloads the DRM module when you visit a page that needs it. It might seem a little antithetical for Mozilla to offer a browser with DRM support, but we can understand why one might want to bend the rules to watch the wonder that is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

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