Netflix will switch from Silverlight to HTML5, explains what it's waiting for first

Due to Microsoft's confirmation that support for its Silverlight plugin will end and the rise of plugin-free browsers, Netflix will eventually need to stream to PCs using something other than the tech it's had in place since 2008. The company has already implemented one example of the technology for Samsung's ARM Chromebooks, and plans to bring it to Chrome on PCs and Macs eventually. Right now, it's waiting for several W3C initiatives it's been working on called the HTML5 Premium Video extensions that handle things like video quality and DRM support to be fully implemented. Once the last one (Web Cryptography API) is available, it can ditch the custom API plugin it's currently using and begin testing on PCs and Macs. What isn't mentioned is any support for other platforms like Linux, although Netflix says it can't wait until the features are "implemented in all browsers!"