VR game 'SMS Racing' trivializes texting while driving

Matt Brian
M. Brian|05.12.15

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Texting while driving is against the law and it can put you and other people on the road in serious danger. That can't be understated. However, when it's your main objective when playing a virtual reality racing game, it can also be seriously good fun. That's the premise of SMS Racing, a diminutive game from Turbo Button that pits you against other racers as you drive, text and ultimately smash your way to victory.

When you first start off, you'll notice you have just the one hand on the wheel with your other ready to operate a Samsung-like smartphone. That's no coincidence, the game has been optimized for Samsung's Gear VR, which will track head movement as you look down to reply to your friends' messages using a randomized keyboard. You'll traverse rural or city tracks and battle four AI drivers to place on the public leaderboard -- just make sure you don't demonstrate that behaviour on your early morning commute.

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