Amazon's riding the New York subway to speed up deliveries

Despite its incredible reach, Amazon has always had to play catch-up with brick and mortar retailers when it comes to getting products in customers' hands. If you're in a pinch, you can normally visit a local store and walk out with exactly what you need. Amazon has taken steps to cut waiting times with same-day deliveries in some cities and then one-hour shipments via Prime Now. The only problem with promising such a short delivery period in some of the world's busiest cities is that traffic can be a nightmare. So to get orders to customers in Manhattan, the Financial Times reports that the company has begun loading small pushcarts with packages and taking them on a more efficient means of transport: the New York subway.

In a statement to the newspaper, Amazon confirmed that delivery personnel now "bike, walk or use public transportation" to make deliveries. In fact, the company admitted that the only time they'll drive "is if the item is large like a flat screen TV." It's not too surprising given that Amazon has toyed with taxi deliveries in the past, but some customers may feel a little uneasy that their package is enjoying a more public ride. Then again, subway passengers may be forced to share a crowded carriage with an Amazon pushcart. Maybe it's time for the drones to do their thing.