KFC's Tray Typer keeps you clicking even with greasy fingers

Horror of horrors, you've just downed a plate of Colonel Sander's famous fried chicken only to have that text you've been waiting for suddenly ping your phone. What do you do? Clearly the answer isn't to reach for the napkins. No, instead you do what every red-blooded poultry eater should: pair the keyboard mat on your serving tray to your phone and you answer that all-important text, greasy fingers be damned.

This slick keyboard is part of Kentucky Fried Chicken's latest advertising campaign in Germany. Known as the "Tray Typer", this reusable keyboard is barely thicker than the standard paper inserts. It connects to a phone via Bluetooth and allows you to continue using your mobile device after your fingers have been sullied with chicken renderings. The keyboards were reportedly so popular that each one handed out during the German promotion ended up being swiped and taken home.