For clucks sake: KFC Japan takes extra crispy to a new level

Billy Steele
B. Steele|09.25.14

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Billy Steele
September 25, 2014 10:17 PM
For clucks sake: KFC Japan takes extra crispy to a new level

There's really only one way to properly celebrate Colonel's Day: a collection of fried chicken-themed accessories to show your pride. That's just what KFC Japan is doing as part of a Twitter promotional campaign. Lucky winners will be treated to the likes of an over-sized chicken leg iPhone case, a keyboard that's adorned with various pieces of chicken and both a USB drive and mouse that each showcase rather drumstick-like appearances. For the less tech savvy, there's chicken leg Ostrich Pillow-like headwear for comfy napping and a set of earrings to let everyone know what your favorite food is. The whole lot is quite ridiculous really, but don't take my word for it, take a gander at the entire collection in the gallery that follows.

Gallery: KFC Japan's fried chicken accessories | 6 Photos

  • Fried Chicken iPhone Case
  • Fried Chicken Keyboard
  • Fried Chicken Mouse
  • Fried Chicken USB Drive
  • Fried Chicken Earrings
  • Fried Chicken Pillow Hat Thing
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