Hulu will have every episode of 'Seinfeld' on June 24th

After paying big bucks to lock up the show about nothing, Hulu has announced when we can expect to see Seinfeld: June 24th. Since it's a heavily syndicated show (and previously available in smaller portions on services like Crackle) you probably weren't lacking in ways to see Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, George and the rest but now you can skip your way through its 180-episode run at your leisure. Also, Hulu is figuring that if you're willing to subscribe and stop by to check out that show, you might hang around for some of the other TV hits and original content it's stuffing the service with. Yes, it's all still ad-interrupted, but on a positive note, Hulu recently added Chromecast autoplay support (like Netflix) to make your binge watching even easier.