Charter is reportedly close to buying Time Warner Cable


Charter's interest in buying Time Warner Cable appears to be more than just a passing fancy. Bloomberg sources claim that the cable company is on the cusp of reaching a deal to buy TWC for $195 per share. The finer details of the buyout aren't available, but Charter would fold both its new acquisition and Bright House into a single mega-entity. Reportedly, Charter could announce the purchase as early as Tuesday -- if so, it's not wasting much time following Comcast's failed TWC deal.

Neither side is commenting on the rumor. However, a hasty buyout suggests that Charter is determined to challenge the biggest US telecom giants. The real question is whether or not regulators will be any more favorable to this attempt at snapping up TWC. Charter isn't as big as Comcast, but an acquisition would still reduce the number of big competitors and give the remaining rivals more sway when negotiating TV and internet deals.