'FIFA 16' will feature women soccer players for the first time

If you're entitled to play a sport in real life, then it's only fair that you can do so from the comfort of your couch. That's why it's good to see EA Sports announce that FIFA 16 will feature women's soccer teams for the first time. Now, users will be able to play as one of 12 international teams that include the USA, England, Brazil and France. It's a big step, too, since while you can get a licensed WNBA title from 2K Games, this is the first time EA has included a women's roster in one of its team-based games. In fact, the only woman we remember appearing in one of these games up to this point is Ronda Rousey in the UFC spin-off title.

Unfortunately, as much as we had wanted to pit Claire Rafferty against Lionel Messi in open play, the game keeps the men's and women's teams segregated. Still, users can engage in online and offline tournaments, or just go for some casual head-to-head match play. Oh, and if you're a little bit confused, running the World Cup and lending its name to this series of branded soccer game is actually what FIFA is for. The whole "getting arrested on well-overdue corruption charges" thing is actually more of a hobby.