Live from Google's 2015 I/O keynote!

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Live from Google's 2015 I/O keynote!

The stage is set, the Moscone Center is tricked out with leopard print Androids, and Google I/O is just about to start. You know the drill here: The first order of business is an hours-long keynote address that'll show us exactly what Google's been working on behind closed doors these past few months and what we can expect to play with in the future. Android M? More insight into Android Pay? VR announcements? It seems like this year's show is really going to have it all. We've got a little more time before the keynote kicks off, so hang tight, thumb through our I/O preview for as a quick refresher, and stay tuned for more shortly.

May 28, 2015 12:30:00 PM EDT

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