Lenovo's projector phone beams a touchscreen onto any surface

Smartphones with built-in projectors -- well, just the two from Samsung, really -- haven't exactly been a huge hit so far, but Lenovo thinks it's finally got the right use case for this combination: beaming a touchscreen or virtual keyboard onto your desk. Announced at the Lenovo Tech World conference today is the Smart Cast, the world's first smartphone with an integrated focus-free laser projector, as opposed to the DLP tech on existing pico projectors. In addition to the usual wall projection mode, there's a "surface mode" that requires twisting the projector cap at the top (to enable reflection), propping up the phone with its kickstand, and then you'll have a projected touchscreen -- be it a virtual piano, a virtual keyboard or even Fruit Ninja -- right in front of you. Alas, that's all the info we've got so far. Until we get to see the real thing, you can check out the demo video after the break to stay entertained.