Sign into Netflix straight from your Google account

You've been able to sign into third-party websites with your Google credentials for years, but now the company is broadening out the places that info can take you. On its Developer Blog, the outfit is talking up its new Identity Platform, a suite of developer tools that let others build "frictionless" entry to name-brand sites via the Smart Lock password manager. The biggest name on the list of early partners is Netflix, which will now let viewers keep watching on their Android devices without having to re-enter their subscription details.

Essentially, this makes Google one part universal log-in, one part password manager, that can do the same for both websites and newly-downloaded Android apps. The aim of the exercise is to provide a seamless experience, and in another example, if you've browsed Orbitz on your phone, those same searches will instantly be available to you should you switch to the desktop (on Chrome, at least). Oh, and if neither of those names are exciting to you, just wait until Linkedin joins the party, which is expected to happen in the very near future.