Website writes up notes for you using Instagram font

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Mariella Moon
May 29th, 2015
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Website writes up notes for you using Instagram font

Kidnappers who send out ransom notes made of magazine cutouts are so old school. Any self-respecting, tech-savvy abductor who finds ordinary fonts boring would use Type To Design's Instagram font generator instead. It's pretty easy to use, too. You just go its website, type in your sinister warning or whatever, and it will scour Type To Design's curated collection of letters and numbers taken from the photo-sharing network. Unhappy with how a particular figure looks? Refresh, and it will find alternatives for you. After that, save the note as a PDF to print it out or screenshot it like we did above.

Of course, it creators didn't actually build the website for the sake of criminals and hardened hooligans. They conjured it up for the 36 Days of Type initiative, which challenged designers, illustrators and graphic artists to create novel designs of the alphabet and numbers. So, go wild and use it for party invitations, scrapbooks or fun, anonymous stalker love letters.

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