HangKeys makes a fun game out of an iOS keyboard

When messaging a friend of family member begins to drop off, wouldn't it be good if you could fire up a game to liven things up a bit? Normally, you'd have to meet your would-be opponent in an app like Words With Friends, but new iOS keyboard HangKeys is able to skip the formalities and drop a fresh game of Hangman in any messaging app on your phone. Feel like you could use something like this during your next Facebook Messenger exchange? All you need to do is to switch to the HangKeys keyboard on your iOS device, enter a word and send the grid over to your adversary. They can then reply with their suggestions from any platform, whether it be Android, Windows Phone or PC. Luckily, the app does most of the heavy lifting but you will need to manually select each letter and send back the automatically updated grid after each turn. It's a small bit of work for what is an otherwise fun game. While nearly all of the iOS keyboards we've seen focus on making texting easier, this little app could offer some light relief if the conversation runs dry.