Microsoft buys the company behind to-do app Wunderlist (update: official)

Microsoft's quest to conquer the mobile productivity app world by acquiring it is still underway, it seems. A Wall Street Journal source claims that the folks in Redmond have bought 6Wunderkinder, better known as the creator of the to-do app Wunderlist. Neither company is commenting on the scoop at the moment, but the deal is reportedly worth between $100 million to $200 million. The question, of course, is what Microsoft will do with its new prize. The company turned Acompli into the new versions of Outlook for Android and iOS, but it hasn't done much yet with Sunrise's calendar app. Given how handy to-do lists can be when paired with email and schedules, our money's on Outlook and similar apps eventually doing a better job of juggling your daily tasks.

Update: Sure enough, Microsoft has confirmed the acquisition. The company plans to "apply Wunderlist's innovations" to its apps and services, but stresses that it's going to leave the existing app and its pricing as they are.