Microsoft WiFi could be another reason to get Office 365

Although Microsoft already offers millions of WiFi access points around the world through Skype, it appears the company has bigger plans for its wireless internet service. If a new (barebones) website is to be believed, the Skype branding could be dropped in favor of a new platform called Microsoft WiFi. According to the site, the service will increase the number of hotspots from around 2 million to 10 million and make them available to Office 365 Enterprise subscribers and those who have bought a Surface 2 or Microsoft's Work & Play Bundle.

Although the website has yet to officially launch, Microsoft has already provided an interactive map detailing where million of its access points are located. Boingo, Xfinity WiFi and Gowex hotspots are prominent in the US, while access points from BT and The Cloud are available in the UK. There's no word on how you pay for Microsoft WiFi, or whether you need to given that Skype minutes are already included in other Office 365 packages, but the company is continuing to take a multi-platform approach with its apps. It'll support Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, automatically connecting you to a pre-vetted WiFi hotspot when you're in range, regardless of who operates it.