Skype WiFi is the new Skype Access, comes with iOS app in tow

We would never enter a foreign land without packing a rented MiFi from XCom Global, but what if you're not a data junkie and only require a sliver of internet access for your device? You're undoubtedly thinking internet café, but instead of wasting time filling out forms each time you're hankerin' to tweet, simplify the entire process with a Skype WiFi hotspot. Formerly known as Skype Access, the rebranded service allows you to bypass crusty web forms at any of the 1 million participating locations, by using your Skype account and credits to pay per minute. Already living the post-PC dream? The company's got you covered too, with an iOS app that'll allow Cupertino's finest to join in on the fun. You know the drill, the app and the announcement await you at the other end of the source links below.