Skype Access expands, now unlocks over 500,000 hotspots

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|02.15.11

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Skype Access expands, now unlocks over 500,000 hotspots
We can't all have 3G or 4G wireless wherever -- sometimes we need to get friendly with a plain 'ol hotspot. Skype is making that a little easier, expanding Skype Access in partnership with eight international WiFi pushers:
  • BT Openzone
  • Fon
  • M3 Connect
  • Row 44
  • Skyrove
  • Spectrum Interactive
  • Tomizone
  • Vex
Fon will probably be the most familiar if you're in America, but combined the program covers 500,000 hotspots, including 500 hotels. Users will be able to pay for WiFi by the minute using Skype Credit, with prices ranging from a nickel to $.19 per currently. No word on whether that will be changing with this new announcement.
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