We're not doomed: A supercut of robots falling down


Today's action at the DARPA Robotics Challenge has been interesting, but if there's one takeaway so far it's this: the robot apocalypse is not here yet. If you've been warily looking on as robots run, jump, wield swords and even fold themselves up origami-style, this video clip of all the times robots fell over during he competition is exactly what the doctor ordered. Now, we're sure these teams will continue developing their technology and someday, a robot will master the art of stepping out of an ATV well enough to subjugate squishy organic lifeforms (or save them from disasters, which is the point of the competition) -- just not today.

Update: More video is coming in, and we may have laughed too soon. Besides the numerous successful attempts at traversing areas of DARPA's obstacle course, Carnegie Mellon's CHIMP robot showed mettle by picking itself up after a fall. Check out the clip after the break, plus a bonus video showing the MIT "Cheetah" quadruped taking a tumble.