You can now Skype from your browser in the US and UK

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If you like using Skype, but the only connection you have in Squankville, USA is at an internet cafe, now you have an option. Microsoft has opened Skype for Web (beta) to all users in the UK and US on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Provided you're on OS X or Windows, you'll be able to place video or voice calls and send IMs from a strange computer if you can't use one of the mobile apps or the Outlook version.

Chromebook users will only be able to text, on the other hand. That's because the web app uses a small plug-in for video and sound that can't be installed on Chrome OS. As we mentioned before, however, Microsoft will eventually roll out a WebRTC-compatible Skype version that doesn't require a plug-in. When that will happen is up in the air, but we'd say it's more likely once Windows 10 arrives in July.

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