Apple brings side-by-side multitasking to the iPad in iOS 9

Frustrated that your iPad has all that screen real estate, but you still have to use one app at a time? That won't be a problem when iOS 9 arrives -- Apple has revealed that its new mobile software will bring side-by-side app multitasking to its tablets. The feature will let you display two live apps at once, Windows 8-style, if you're using an iPad Air 2 (which has extra memory and performance); otherwise, you can pin apps to the side of the screen to get back to them quickly. There's a picture-in-picture mode that will let you watch a video without disrupting what you're doing, too. This upgraded multitasking will only be available for the iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and other relatively recent Apple slates, so you'll definitely want to ditch that old iPad 2 if you're eager to juggle multiple programs.