Microsoft officially launches 1TB Xbox One console

Microsoft has officially launched a matte black 1TB Xbox One that doubles the storage of the standard model, as rumored. It has a new controller in black or camouflage that packs a 3.5mm stereo jack so you can use third-party headsets, assuming you don't like the included model. The controller, which also leaked out earlier, has slightly redesigned bumpers "for more consistent performance" and takes firmware updates over-the-air. Microsoft is also throwing in a copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection for a limited time.

To throw in a Jobs-esque "one more thing," Microsoft also revealed an Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 coming this fall for $24.99, or bundled with a Wireless Controller for $79.95 in the US. The 1TB Xbox One console will start shipping on June 16th in the US, UK and other "select markets" for $399 (£349 in the UK). Better still, the standard 500GB Xbox One's price has dropped permanently to $349 (£299).