Apple is sending cars to help build its own Street View

Apple Maps

Google's Street View cars are well known, but you may also soon see vehicles from its biggest rival: Apple. The company today confirmed that in order to improve Apple Maps, it's embarking on a mission to drive cars all over the world, starting in the US, UK and Ireland. It's created a dedicated website detailing the locations it intends to visit and when it expects to be there, which may allow you to "accidentally" get snapped by one of its vehicles. From June 15th, Apple will visit a number of US states and cities, including California, Florida and New York, as well as London, Birmingham and Essex in the UK.

Transparency appears to be Apple's aim here, so it's listing areas before the cars actually arrive. The company also says that it will "blur faces and license plates on collected images prior to publication," which suggests that the company isn't just mapping directions, but that it's also building a Street View service of its very own. It comes just days after Apple announced a number of Maps improvements, which includes the roll out of transit directions in a number of US and international cities, reiterating Apple's desire to beat Google at its own game.