Next 'Doom' hits Spring 2016 with mod support across all platforms

Prepare to shoot plenty of demons in the face this spring on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when Doom 4 hits. It's predictably gorgeous and based on the gameplay demo onstage at the historic Dolby Theater, its environments look a bit more open than we've previously seen. Of course there's a massive, powerful shotgun because what would Doom be without shotguns and chainsaws? And plenty of gore and crap-your-pants soundscape for that matter? It wouldn't be Doom.

It's more than single-player too. Arena combat takes place in Hell and the UAC facility on Mars. If those don't work for you, there's also the chance to design your own content with Snapmap across each platform. You can "create and edit game logic" to make new modes according to Bethesda, and to keep tabs on everything the publisher is launching to manage everything from mods to game news. We hope to find out exactly what that entails when we see the game later this week (and when the beta launches), so keep your browser tuned to Engadget for more as the show progresses.