BitTorrent Shoot shares photos and videos between platforms

It's not that hard to exchange pics and videos these days -- you can just attach them to emails or forward them via messaging apps. BitTorrent is hoping you'd still be willing to pay for an app designed to send and receive media files though, because it's just released one called "Shoot." The application is based on BT's Sync technology, and it can send and receive messages between platforms. It works quite differently from what you might be used to: clicking Send opens up your gallery, where you can choose multiple images and videos. The app will then generate a QR code that any user who clicks Receive can scan to download your files.

We'd say one of its two main selling points is making it easy to transfer big batches of media files to several other devices. The other is privacy, in case you want something more secure than cloud services or messaging apps. When VentureBeat asked the company why it didn't make the app free upon launch and offer in-app purchases down the road, BT's answer focused on privacy: "Like with BitTorrent Sync, we never monetize the user indirectly. On Shoot, you'll never see an ad. Sharing is fully private, so we're not harvesting any user data," a spokesperson told the publication.

Still, those two are probably not enough to entice most people to pony up $2 for the app. Good thing you can download it right now from Google Play, iTunes or the Windows Phone Store and get three sends for free. After that, you can either pay $2 to continue sending -- or delete the app if it's not worth the price.