See the ISS like never before in these 4K videos

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James Trew
June 17th, 2015
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See the ISS like never before in these 4K videos

We're sure a time will come when watching something in 4K won't seem special. Now isn't that time. Astronaut Terry W. Virts is tweeting links to videos shot in Ultra HD during his time on the International Space Station, and predictably it's mesmerizing. NASA started uploading videos in the higher resolution to YouTube a few days ago, with a 20 second tease at 60 fps, before publishing a far more satisfying (but regular frame rate) four-minute follow up. The agency claims the extra detail in the videos will "provide new insight into the vast array of experiments taking place every day." But, it also humble-boasts that these are possibly some of the "most breathtaking" views of our planet, and the ISS (and a floating taco) yet. This comes not long after we were equally dazzled with GoPro footage of a bonefide spacewalk. Whatever NASA's video strategy is for the ISS (it hints there's more to come), we're liking it so far.

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