Tacos, burritos and unicorn emoji are coming, thanks to Unicode 8.0

Robotic hand holding phone, illustration

The Unicode Consortium unveiled its new emoji set as part of the standard's version 8.0 update on Wednesday. Yes, that taco emoji we've all been waiting for on bated breath has arrived and lo, it is glorious. Other food-related icons include taco's big brother, the burrito, as well as a hot dog, popcorn and a cheese wedge. Inedible emoji like a Unicorn head, prayer beads and a volleyball are also available. Surprisingly though, no hotdog pizza emoji just yet -- probably because we're not sure yet if they're ok for human consumption.

In all, 37 new icons (41 if you count the five skin color modifiers) made it past the consortium's stringent vetting process. You can check out the full list, which will eventually make their way into your mobile device's keyboard. While Apple already jumped ahead and put the skin color modifiers in iOS and OS X, it hasn't updated with the rest of 8.0's emoji changes, and neither have Android or Windows. The Unicode standards group is already at work on version 9.0, which is scheduled for release in 2016. Proposed icons include avocado, shrug, owl, selfie and everybody's favorite taco topping: bacon.

[Image credit: Getty Images/Science Photo Library]