FCC votes to subsidize broadband internet for low-income households

Last month, the Federal Communications Commission announced plans to subsidize broadband internet service for low-income households. Today, the commission voted on the matter, approving the addition of internet subsidies to the Lifeline program that already offers both phone and prepaid wireless. Less than half of homes that make less than $25,000 have internet access, and today's vote offers help and provides steps to oversee the process, too. For example, service providers will no longer verify eligibility. That task will be given to a third-party instead. The vote also set the subsidy rate at $9.25 per month for both internet and phone service. Where does that money come from? Fees paid by service providers that are listed on customers' monthly bills. The FCC is looking to ensure not only the program's efficiency, but cut down on fraud and establish a set budget as well.

[Image credit: Pete Marovich/Bloomberg via Getty Images]