Younger generations don't fear the robot revolution

DARPA 2015: Growing Up with Robots

With every new bot on the block, we're inching closer to sharing our homes with machines. DARPA's recent Robotics Challenge wasn't about finding the best personal robot companion, but hinted at a future where they will run free (albeit very slowly) and rush to save lives when disaster strikes. But beyond the much-talked about hunt for first responder bots, DARPA had a lesser known contest that seemed just as pertinent as the main event. The agency set up Robots4Us, a contest for high school students, to reach out to the demographic that's most likely going to share space with robots. Teens from across the country sent in short videos about their hopes and fears for the future of robots. In the end, five young winners made their way to Pomona, California, for the robotics challenge to present their version of the future. Instead of the dystopian narrative that usually accompanies robotics, each student envisioned a collaborative space for robots and humans to coexist. Turns out, the generation that will most likely hang out with a bot at home isn't robophobic at all.