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Bungie apologizes to 'Destiny' players by selling them stuff

At E3 Bungie announced The Taken King expansion for Destiny, and as we explained this morning that didn't go over very well with existing players. One of the main reasons is that, aside from a $40 price for the expansion itself, Bungie made exclusive downloadables that only people buying the complete game as part of a new collector's edition could get. Tonight the developer published an early "Part 1" of its usual weekly update, apologizing for that awkward Eurogamer interview and explaining that existing players can get the new items (three specific class emotes, three color schemes for their armor, and three exotic class items) by shelling out $20 for an upgrade bundle it will put on sale September 15th. That's certainly better than not being able to get it at all -- and cheaper than buying the new $80 CE -- but let us know if that's enough, or if you're still calling BS.