Ikea to trial smaller UK stores for picking up online orders

Most Ikea stores are massive, bustling places located far from the high street and built-up urban areas. Visiting one isn't a problem if you have a large car and a few hours to spare -- but for many people, at least one of those can be difficult to come by. To help out, the king of flat pack furniture is opening a new, smaller store in Norwich. Here customers will be able to speak with home furnishing experts, see a selection of furniture and, most importantly, pick up orders they've made online or in-store. The new "Order and Collection Point" concept is similar to Amazon's pickup lockers and Argos' click-and-collect stores. The hope is that these smaller, local establishments will be more convenient than trekking to an out-of-town warehouse or waiting for home delivery. Of course, if you're buying a bed or anything else that's a substantial size, you'll still need to find a way to take it home...

[Image Credit: AP Photo/Alan Diaz]