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The Olympus Air lens camera can be yours for $300

The Olympus Air lens camera can be yours for $300
Edgar Alvarez
Edgar Alvarez|@abcdedgar|June 30, 2015 7:33 PM

Nearly five months after introducing its Air lens camera in Japan, Olympus is finally ready to bring it to the US. The AIR A01, as it's officially named, is a shooter that attaches to and pairs with your smartphone or tablet -- in similar fashion to Sony's QX line of devices. Spec-wise, the Olympus Air features a Micro Four Thirds, 16-megapixel sensor, a TruePic VII image-processing chip, RAW capture, up to 1080p video-recording, 10 fps continuous shooting, Bluetooth and WiFi. There is, of course, a companion app for iOS, Android and Amazon's Kindle platform, which you can use to control the camera as well as transfer images from it.

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What's more, the open-source Air A01 comes with Amazon Cloud Drive integration, giving you option to save images there rather than on your handset. Olympus will sell its AIR A01 in August for $300 (body-only) or, if you'd like some glass to go along with that, you can spend $200 more for a kit with a 14-42mm EZ lens.

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The Olympus Air lens camera can be yours for $300