Sprint's CEO is tired of T-Mobile's 'Uncarrier bullshit'

John Legere is famous for being the sweariest man in the mobile industry, but it looks as if Sprint's Marcelo Claure now wants a run at that title. In response to a snarky tweet by the T-Mobile CEO, Claure responded by saying that he was tired of Legere's "Uncarrier bullshit." He went on a four-tweet takedown of the company's policies, saying that it "trick[s] people," and that it's "all a fake show," before adding the hashtag #Tmobilelikehell. We're fairly sure that everyone who saw the exchange made the same ooo noise that pre-schoolers do when they know there's about to be a fight in the sandbox.

The mobile war for America's hearts, minds and wallets has become increasingly savage in the last few years. AT&T and Verizon often throw gentle shade at each other in commercials, but the third-placed Sprint and fourth-placed T-Mobile are more nakedly hostile. Legere himself has offered many an inappropriate comment about his rivals, and once said "the fuckers hate you" when describing the attitudes of the top two toward their customers.

It's a strategy that's paid off, since T-Mobile has gained more than a million new customers every three months for the last two years -- many of whom were former Sprint users. In fact, the gap between third and fourth place is so close that, it's conceivable that the pair could switch places in the very near future, something that would only add pressure on Claure. Maybe we'll invite the pair to come over to our place, grab some beers and relax -- after all, it's only business.

Update: Several hours later and Legere has responded in typically demure fashion.