Sony's 1TB PS4 priced at £350 in the UK

Sony will soon launch its 1TB PS4 in Europe and now, we've got a price-tag for the UK: £349.99. That's the same price as Microsoft's 1TB Xbox One, which should make an interesting head-to-head this autumn. To sweeten the deal, Sony will be bundling its PlayStation TV microconsole with the new, larger capacity PS4 for a limited time, meaning you can easily stream your games to another room. It's unclear, however, if this "Ultimate Player" will also include the revisions made to the 500GB PS4 in Japan. An internal redesign made that console 10 lighter and 8 percent more power efficient, which I'm sure PlayStation fans in Europe would appreciate too. Regardless, this is a hefty storage upgrade that should give you space for those free PS Plus games every month.