If records were tortillas, they'd sound like this

Time to ditch your vinyl (again), there's a new format in town: tortillas. Intrepid Redditor "UpgradeTech" saw this video, and was bored/inspired/curious enough to see if you really could turn the Mexican food vessel into a record. It turns out, you can. All you need are some uncooked flour tortillas (corn or cooked are too lumpy), and a laser cutter. Well, there's a bit more to it than that (converting audio to vectors, that kinda thing), but tortilla turntablists are, we're sure, willing to go the extra mile to get their classics down on the flatbread format (.tort?).

Itching to commit your own library to the doughy discs? Know that you've got about 30-seconds per "disc, " but if that doesn't put you off, there's a full Instructables guide here. Like regular ole' records, sound quality is better when tracks are configured to play at 78 rpm, which UpgradeTech kindly explains in the tutorial, and demonstrates in a series of comparison videos (including one below). The all important question, after how does it sound,is, how do they taste? Apparently "rather burnt" -- on account of that laser. Apparently MP3 tacos get you a longer play time, but a tortilla just sounds, "warmer."