Google patent uses finger frames to snap pics with Glass-like devices

If you thought wearing a Google Glass headset was awkward, things could get even weirder. The Mountain View company was awarded a patent this week for tech that enables a Glass-like head-mounted display to automatically take pictures when it recognizes your fingers. Specifically, it snaps a pic when you make one of those finger frames like you've seen movie directors use. The patent document also explains that the device can change the orientation of the image based on the positioning of your hands. For example, if you made a circular "O" shape with one hand, you'd end up with a round picture. And the same goes for using two hands to frame a rectangular portrait.

Based on the area that you point out, the device is also capable of making any additional cropping, white balance and exposure adjustments. As is the case with documents like this, there's no guarantee that the tech will end up in a new version of Glass or any other device. However, reports indicate that Google is hard a work on a new model, so perhaps we'll find out soon enough how much you'll need to employ your arms to document your next vacation.